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Welcome to MiniPoint Net!

This is intended to be an information sharing web site where YOU are invited to contribute!

You will be able to participate in discussion, create your own 'Forms' to enter data to share with others, or look at what others have submitted.

It will be a web site for ideas, frustrations, news, rumors, advice, etc. The aim is for you to be able to broaden your views on life, and to share your meanings or useful information with people on the internet.

Everybody is welcome to participate. Old or young, left or right, radical or liberal, yellow or white, rich or poor! In this 'world' you are as important as anybody else. Everyone may not agree, and they are true if they are talking in terms of money or knowledge. But here we are looking for a broader set of values.

We will create topics for you to join, or you can start new ones. Write your own articles, or make comments and ratings to existing. All views will be available. No censuring is done, unless you violate basic human rights and rules of conduct.

You can be anonymous with an alias, or register with full name.

If you want your own main page, you can register and apply for it.

Select an application, one of the main pages on the right, or log on to view or participate.

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